Construction Equipment

Optical Instruments

Robotic Instruments

Topcon GT Series

Fast and compact professional grade robotic total station solution that is built to perform.

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Sokkia IX

The iX Series robotic total stations are a trimmed down, high- performance solution. You get the efficiency…

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Topcon DS Series

The DS series total station can be configured as a mid-range, on-board data collection…

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Layout Navigator 100

LN-100 The world’s first 3D positioning solution designed specifically for construction layout.

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Manual Total Stations


A new standard for Total Stations Topcon’s new OS Series Total Station. A new advanced design with superior technology.

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GM-100 Series

This powerful, cost efficient Manual Total Station was designed from the ground up to deliver the latest…

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Levels & Theodolites

AT-B Series Auto

Utilizing a finely tuned magnetic damping system, AT-B series automatic levels quickly level and stabilize the line of sight.

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DL-500 Series Digital

Topcon DL-500 series digital levels maximize work efficiency and minimize human error, providing consistent

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DT-200 Theodolites

Durability, accuracy, and value, that’s Topcon and that’s the DT-200 and DT-200L Series of digital theodolites.

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Topcon’s GLS-2000 laser scanners allow you to quickly and accurately capture 3D data at any project site.

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Laser Transmitters

RL-200 Series

Topcon’s RL-200 Series sets new standards for simplicity and accuracy. Rugged, lightweight…

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Topcon′s NEW RL-H4C auto-leveling laser combines precision, versatility and value in one job site tough package.

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Topcon RL-SV2S is a multi-task laser, that means you can use it for Construction & Interior jobs…

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Compact in design with integrated handle and weighing only 5.7 lbs., the RL-VH4DR is truly a portable and…

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TP-L4 Series Pipe Lasers

Fast, dependable, durable, accurate, visible. Four times more visible! The TP-L4 – all the pipe laser, with all the features…

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Laser Receivers


Topcon laser receivers allow a single crew member to quickly and accurately finish any job — from sub-base leveling to concrete finishing.

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LS-100 D

The LS-100D features an extra-wide beam capture sensor that also rejects annoying interference from strobe light exposures

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MAGNET Enterprise

The heart of MAGNET Enterprise is a web browser environment that runs with individual windows or Widgets which allow…

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Powerful and intuitive field application software that enables users to collect survey mapping data and perform construction….

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MAGNET Office design software is the best software solution for our customers. The ability to collaborate within…

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MAGNET Construct

Mobile device control for Robotic Total Stations and Layout Navigator available for iOS and Android devices.

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