Software Support


As Built Routine Explained

This video will walk you through how to record positions on the project for QC and historical data.

Layout Explained

This video will walk you through how to layout. Within the layout routine you can select different points and methods for how you cover your project.


This video explains how to get the instrument setup on a project. You need two or more known pts (control pts). You can set up the instrument anywhere onsite. Keep in mind you want your instrument and the control to be spread out and not in a straight line. If you have two control points try to visualize a triangle – two control pts and the instrument (each represents a corner of the triangle). This will help you place the instrument in the correct location to get optimum results.

Import DWG Drawing

I’ll walk you through how to import a single DWG drawing and also how to import multiple DWG drawings.

Manual Point Creation Functions within the software.

Great for field use or companies that don’t have a CAD / BIM department.

Configure Menus

This video walks you through how to edit menu names, remove unwanted options, and how to customize the software to best fit your needs.

MJF Zip File – Points and drawings in one file

Simplify your field to office workflow with a single file that includes points and drawing files. Office must have Magnet Field Layout on computer/PC to execute this option.

Export Design or Staked Points

Export a point list from Magnet Field Layout to import into Autodesk or any design software.

Point to Line Measurement

Measure from any point to any line (vice versa) to calculate horizontal distance.

Point to Point Measurement

Pick any two points on a job and measure a horizontal distance.

Offset Using on a Single Point

Video describes how to create an offset going two directions.

Isolate Points by Layer

This video helps Magnet users isolate particular points based on layers.

Offset Line with Interval Pts

How to create an offset line with segmented interval pts. Ie good for chalking lines for underground digging or chalking grid lines.

Interval Pt Creation

This video walks you through how to create pts with equal spacing on a segment or line.

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